October 03, 2019

Justin Trudeau: The high carbon-hypocrite

Trudeau is campaigning with two planes, emitting more than double the amount of other campaigns Despite marching in climate strikes, lecturing everybody else on lowering emissions, and imposing a carbon tax on hard-working Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are secretly using two aircraft to campaign in this election. Conservatives...

October 02, 2019

Ryan's Support for Canadian-Muslim Vote

Canada’s Muslim community has made tremendous contributions to our free, prosperous, and pluralistic society. Canada’s Conservatives support the work that Canadian-Muslim Vote does to engage the community in the political process.

October 02, 2019

Conservatives announce plan to end practice of dumping raw sewage in our waters

A new Conservative government will work with provinces and territories to protect waters Conservative candidate for Richmond-Arthabaska Alain Rayes was joined by Robert Coutu, candidate for La Pointe-de-l’île, spoke at Parc de l’hôtel de ville about Canada’s Conservative’s plan to protect our waters. A new Conservative government led by Andrew Scheer...

October 01, 2019

Andrew Scheer details plan to reclaim Canadian leadership on the world stage

Conservative foreign policy will cut aid spending by 25% and put it back in the pockets of Canadian families Today, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer detailed his plan for delivering strong Conservative leadership on the world stage. On the same day the Munk debate on foreign policy was supposed to take...

October 01, 2019

Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted to solve gang and gun violence

Trudeau has rolled back strict penalties for gang members and will remove minimum sentences for gun crimes Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to think he’s serious about cracking down on crime. The only thing he’s serious about is making law-abiding firearms owners follow more laws. Trudeau has failed to address the...

September 30, 2019

Andrew Scheer to expand eligibility criteria to access Disability Tax Credit

Fairness for Persons with Disabilities Act could help 35,000 more Canadians with disabilities A new Conservative government will introduce the Fairness for Persons with Disabilities Act, allowing 35,000 more Canadians to qualify and apply for the Disability Tax Credit, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer announced today. This new Act will reduce the...

September 30, 2019

Justin Trudeau’s desperate campaign spending announcements to cost $57 billion

In the face of scandal, Trudeau reveals platform, making billions in farcical promises to Canadians  In an attempt to cover up international embarrassment, Justin Trudeau has revealed his platform, announcing a staggering $57 billion in campaign promises. The tally of his disastrous campaign is mounting, and so is his debt....

September 30, 2019

Andrew Scheer to give hunters and anglers a seat at the table

A new Conservative government will bring back the Hunting and Angling Advisory Michelle Rempel, Conservative candidate for Calgary Nose Hill, spoke today in Calgary about the Conservatives’ plan to give hunters and anglers a voice in protecting Canada’s natural habitats by re-establishing the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel. “The Trudeau...