Injection Site Survey

Injection Site Community Consultation Survey

Your voice matters! Ryan invites all residents of Toronto Centre to complete our Injection Site Community Consultation Survey. This survey was created by Street Health (338 Dundas Street East) as part of their required community consultation when they applied to Health Canada for their current extension. 161 people completed the original survey. 

We believe more people should be able to provide their feedback, especially now that the site has been in operation for more than a year.

Our goal is to collect a large number of responses, publish the results, and provide a copy to Street Health to include in their next application for an extension of their current license. 

Injection sites are a Federal issue. Before the Liberals were elected, licenses to operate a site were approved by the Federal Government. Once the Liberals were elected, Bill Morneau and his Liberal government transferred authority for approving injection sites to Health Canada, removing all accountability and oversight from the Liberal Government. As a result, anyone can apply to Health Canada to operate an injection site.

According to Health Canada, licenses to operate an injection site (or, Supervised Consumption Site) "are granted after satisfactory completion of an application." Health Canada also states that an application must include "consultation with a broad range of people in the community." And Health Canada claims to "take the information in the application and public health safety objectives into account"

On January 30, 2019 Health Canada approved a one-year extension for Street Health at 338 Dundas Street, using the results of a survey completed by 161 people. The current extension will expire on January 31, 2020. Ryan wants to see a much larger number of responses from a broad range of people in the community.

Please share this page so we can present the results that truly reflect the community.